Deborah Vaughn of Lonesource on "Changing Times in the Office Supply World"

In our weekly blog, "Beyond the Bio," we ask MBQ Power Players to write a post of their choosing about their industry. This is the third post from our June/July issue which features the category of Office Design. Last week, Chris Miller of Yuletide discussed his start in the business. The week before, Henrik Schmidt talked about celebrating a quarter of a century in the U.S.

In my more than 30 years in the office products industry, I have seen technology and labor efficiency change the products we use on a daily basis. From carbon paper to scanning, correction fluid to Spell Check, floppy computer disks to USB flash drives, productivity has increased due to technology. Look at the writing instruments! You can get one every size, color, type and price. Even pen stealers can be selective these days! Post-it notes? A piece of paper with glue on it has changed the world! Every color and size you can imagine. You can find them stuck on the floor and even in space capsules. Who could have ever imagined that the need for ergonomics would replace a big, comfortable chair? Remember the library looking management offices and the standard metal clerical desks? Walking in an office now, you can see fine wooden desks, computer desks, stand-up desks, rolling desks and almost any other workplace that you can imagine. Meeting rooms now can consist of anywhere 2 people can “Flock”.

We are learning with Post-it notes, duct tape and WD-40, you can change the world! Remember, what you’re using today may be gone tomorrow or at least in a different color or size.  


Power Player Profile: Deborah Vaughn

Senior Account Manager, Lonesource, Inc. Has been with the company for 10 years. Lonesource specializes in all office supplies, with more than 200,000 items available, and office furniture. Member, Executive Women’s International. Board Member and Membership Director, Executive Women’s International, Memphis Chapter. Married with three daughters and three grandsons. She loves to read, swim, and work in the yard.

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