Big Boy Cakes and Confections

Big Boy Cakes and Confections is a Cordova-based online retailer of special-occasion cakes, fudge, and divinity that was started in July 2009. The name was suggested by the daughter of Big Boy owner Scott Krueger, and it’s obvious why: Krueger, at 6’8”, is indeed a big boy.
But Big Boy’s story starts decades earlier.
Growing up in upstate New York, Krueger was the fourth of six children of two working parents. “If we needed a birthday cake, somebody had to make it,” Krueger says.
Krueger was that somebody, and he continued to make cakes and honed his skills enough that, without any formal training, he found himself using this particular skill set after he joined the Air Force. “I did a lot of weddings in the military,” he says.
The Air Force brought him to the Mid-South, where he stayed, and, though he continued to bake cakes with an eye toward doing it professionally, the responsibility of providing for his family had him on another path.
As Krueger tells it, those he had made cakes for — friends and friends of friends — kept pestering him: “Why don’t you sell this stuff?”
Finally, says Krueger, “I took enough abuse from them,” and he started Big Boy.
Krueger, who for now is keeping his day job, initially focused on fudge for the business because it’s easily shipped (the fudge has made it to troops in Iraq and Afghanistan intact), though he later added cakes to the site due to demand.
The fudge is based on his beloved grandmother’s recipe, a dark-chocolate treat, which he’s adapted for milk chocolate, peanut butter, butterscotch, and white chocolate, among other varieties.
And Krueger isn’t beyond boasting. On the fudge’s tasteful, ribbon-wrapped silver box is a label noting that Big Boy is “the home of the richest, smoothest, creamiest fudge on the planet.”
Krueger promises his fudge will be grit-free. He keeps no stock on-hand and makes a batch only after an order has been placed. If he’s not satisfied with the results, he tosses the fudge out and starts over.
Krueger’s high standards have caused marital strife … though not his own. It seems an entire pound of peanut butter fudge was eaten by Mr. Customer before Mrs. Customer had her share. The son of the Customers e-mailed Big Boy to say that his parents were no longer speaking. Krueger’s response? “I sent [the wife] another pound with a note that said ‘Hide this one!’”
Ultimately, Krueger would like to open a restaurant, one that is somewhere between an Outback and the Butcher Shop. The restaurant would also include an expanded kids’ menu and an attached bakery like the ones he remembers from his childhood.
In the meantime, Krueger plans to continue cranking out cakes, fudge, and divinity from his home. And, yes, he says, he is quite popular among his neighbors. As for his own family, he notes, “Nobody eats fudge or cake.”

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