Boyle Investment Company and the development and construction of Spring Creek Ranch.

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photograph courtesy Boyle Investment Company

Not only were trees left standing and the layout of the home sites designed around them, but the development features natural drainage, without the imposition of concrete curbs and gutters. Nature’s look is respected, too, by the muted colors of the fencing on the periphery of the property, the dark gray striping in the parking lot at the pool center, the sand-colored pavers at intersections, and the washed pea gravel of the walking paths.

The towers that mark the entrances to the property are built from Arkansas fieldstone, and the individual stones have even been laid so that they get progressively smaller the farther up the posts they are, to add to the effect of the gently tapering shape of the towers.

To help maintain the rural atmosphere, street lights and other outdoor lighting adhere to “dark skies friendly” standards, meaning that the light shines down onto the ground beneath the lampposts, not up and out to obliterate the night sky.

Boyle’s efforts to maintain a rural feel for residents have succeeded, but the company has discreetly added several very important urban amenities to the development. Water for drinking and for fire protection is provided for the development by MLGW, and a property-wide sewer system connects to the Collierville municipal sewer system. However, that system’s pumping station on the western edge of the property is completely hidden by vegetation. Altogether, a modern infrastructure co-exists with a tranquil countryside.

A first-time visitor to the area would be forgiven for thinking that the upscale community was far from any metropolitan area, but that’s not entirely true, of course. Only a few minutes away is all that a family could need in the way of excellent public and private schools, shopping in Collierville, a variety of entertainment venues, medical care, and other services that are necessary on a daily or frequent basis.

Lots are still available in the three areas where home sites have already been laid out, and additional acreage adjoins the currently developed area to allow for further expansion. Exteriors vary in design, although a design review committee has oversight to help maintain the desired overall community atmosphere. But interiors are as eclectic as the tastes of the builders and the families who occupy the houses.

A number of well-known and experienced builders are working with Boyle; in other cases, buyers have bought lots and have hired their own architects and builders for their homes. Builders include Artisan Custom Homes, RKA Investments, Celtic Manor Homes, Klazmer/Sklar Homes, Dickens & Associates, Tim Wilson Companies, John Duke Company, The Tayloe Company, Ken Garland Custom Homes, and Richmark Homes.

“The first lot in The Village was sold in late 2006, and in 2007 the Memphis Area Home Builders Association VESTA Home Show featured the site. Even before the show, all seven show homes had been sold,” says Thompson. “The homes that now occupy the area have all been built since then, in the face of the country’s severe economic downturn, which significantly affected home sales. Now that the market has begun to improve, we’ve seen a resurgence in the interest — and sale — of lots and homes in the Spring Creek Ranch area.”

As of this past spring, Boyle had planned to build 10 more homes; however, builders very quickly sold five of those 10, so construction plans were adjusted accordingly. At press time, of 18 homes under construction, eight had been sold and the other 10, in various stages of construction, were available for purchase.

photograph by Larry Kuzniewski


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