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Meet Anna Cox: Assistant Editor, MBQ: Inside Memphis Business 

1. What does your position entail? Writing and editing stories for both publications as well as interviews, event coordination, blogging, and writing and editing for specialty publications such as Collierville Chamber and Germantown Chamber magazines and Laurelwood Magazine.

2. How did you get into this industry and what insight can you give someone interested in this industry? I always liked creative writing and journaling but was too scared to pursue anything until college. My obsession with print magazines like InStyle and Vogue led me to major in Journalism and Mass Communication at Samford University. After graduation, I bugged the heck out of our Managing Editor and he finally gave me an interview. I started working here the August after graduating college as a staff writer, and the rest is history. My advice is to intern everywhere you can and soak up everything like a sponge. When applying to publications I literally went to a newsstand, grabbed as many magazines as I could hold, and wrote down all of the contact info for Managing Editors (those most likely to respond) to send my resumes. Be thoughtful, sincere, and “always keep your finger in the pie.” Which just means even if you have to work odd jobs to pay rent while you freelance, keep writing and getting your work out there.

3. On an off day from work... you will find me blogging, reading magazines, running in Shelby Farms with my fiancé and our dog, watching reality television, or having a pizza and movie night with my family.

4. What is number one on your Memphis bucket list? So many things! A huge one I checked off last year was getting a picture with a Grizzlies player (my favorite, QPON, was at BBQ fest). I'd like try every kind of BBQ pizza in the city. There are so many great ones!

5. How long have you worked here? I started in August 2012 as a staff writer for MBQ: Inside Memphis Business and Memphis magazine. A few months later I became Assistant Editor for MBQ: Inside Memphis Business and in April of 2013 I became a Contributing Editor for Memphis magazine.

6. What sets Memphis magazine apart from other publications in the Mid-South of its kind? It's about Memphis, of course! It's the only lifestyle magazine with a Memphis focus — dining, arts, entertainment, life.

7. When you decided to get into this industry, was business writing something you were interested in? If no, why do you do it now and do you enjoy it now? Absolutely not. I honestly had never read a business magazine in my life, and the only form of news I digest regularly is E! News. I went in feet first and have loved learning about various industries and the unique businesses Memphis offers. I'm involved with every aspect of MBQ: Inside Memphis Business, and it's wonderful. I get to learn about new industries, interview successful leaders, and continue to write for a publication I fully believe in — it doesn't get much better than that.

8. When did you know that you loved words and wanted to use them to tell people a story? I was always making up stories when I was little and writing them down in journals. My family is very medically-minded, and I'm 100% not. That stuff gives me the creeps; so, I knew I'd have to find my own path in a new field. I always said if I had a dollar for every time someone told me I wouldn't find a job in journalism, I wouldn't need a job. I loved English classes and literature, and writing came easier to me than other subjects, and I'm very inquisitive and curious. I'm always asking people questions and trying to figure out what makes things work, so, I decided to see if I could make a career out of it. I make my living sharing how other people make theirs; it's pretty fun.

Tell me anything else interesting about yourself. Your favorite book, movie, part about working here, your dog’s ridiculous name, anything

-My favorite book is Redeeming Love, I've read it at least four times.

-I'm a movie junkie and couldn't possibly have only one favorite, but a few front runners are Steel Magnolias, You've Got Mail, Mystic Pizza, Sleepless in Seattle, and Now & Then.

-I love working with the people in the Magazine Editorial Dept. Never a dull moment.

-My very first dog was named Cricket, because he used to jump around instead of run.

-I just became an aunt for the first time and I just got engaged a couple of weeks ago!


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