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Natalie LeDoux: Digital/Print Marketing Assistant, Contemporary Media, Inc.

1) What does your position entail? I am the new Marketing Assistant. I am in my third month at Contemporary Media, Inc. and I really love it. Thus far, I have been tasked with managing MBQ: Inside Memphis Business and Memphis Parent social media, entering and adjusting distribution returns for Memphis Flyer and Memphis Parent, assisting in event planning and most recently getting our mail sent out. 

2) How did you get into this industry and what insight can you give someone interested in this industry that is Journalism, Marketing, Advertising and the like? I graduated from University of Memphis with a degree in Journalism, concentration PR in May and had applied for several positions here in Memphis. Seven month later: still no job or any hopeful prospects. I was set on packing my bags and moving to New York. Well my bank account just wouldn't allow for that. When the first of the year came, a position here opened. I applied and after a couple of interviews, I got the job! So my advice for soon-to-be graduates: be patient, stay busy, build your résumé/skills and apply everywhere. It will happen for you! 

3) On an off day from work, you will find me... driving with the windows down, music up and my dog, Jade, hanging out the back window on the way to Shelby Farms Dog Park. I also enjoy patio sitting with a margarita in hand or riding my bike. 

4) What is number one on your Memphis bucket list? Well, I wish I had been to Maywood as a kid. I moved here when I was 4 and my family didn't know all of the cool spots. Maywood sounded pretty cool. 

5) When you decided to get into this industry, was business writing something you were interested in? I haven't written any articles for MBQ. I make sure that the stories written by our wonderful writers reach an audience and am trying to grow that audience. I had not read an issue of MBQ before I started working here. I was surprised at how interested I was in the articles. It is much different than your daily news, MBQ tells you full stories about real people in the work force. It's a great magazine and I am proud to work for it. 

6) Tell us a little more about yourself. I love writing and I have been able to contribute blog posts to our publications, which has been fun. I am currently reading The Museum of Extraordinary Things, by Alice Hoffman. I am an artist at heart. I love to paint when I can find the time. I redid the sign in front of Maggie's Pharm, redrawing it by hand and then painting it. Check it out next time you stop by. I have a bit of a traveling bug: right now I am trying to make weekend trips to cities I haven't been to that are near by. Recently, I went to Chicago and plan on going to Austin or revisiting St. Louis next. 

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