MBQ CEO of the Year 2012

MBQ: Inside Memphis Business is pleased to announce the winners of the First Annual CEO of the Year Award.

At a ceremony this morning at the Crescent Club in East Memphis, awards were given to 11 CEOs representing 10 Memphis companies.

The winners of the First Annual MBQ CEO of the Year Award are:

Category: 1-50 Employees
Bob Bean, CEO of Transnetyx and Harmonyx
Stinson Liles and Martin Wilford, CEOs of Red Deluxe
Gayle S. Rose, CEO of EVS Corporation

Category: 50-200 Employees
Charles L. Ewing Sr., CEO of Ewing Moving Service Inc.
Mike Pohlman, CEO of Pickering
Duncan Williams, CEO of Duncan-Williams Inc.

Category: 200-1,000 Employees
Alan Mullen, CEO of Crew Training International
Karl Schledwitz, CEO of Monogram Food Solutions
Leigh Shockey, CEO of Drexel Chemical Company

Category: More than 1,000 Employees
John Faraci, CEO of International Paper


The MBQ Platinum CEO of the Year honoree, John Faraci of International Paper, appears on the cover of MBQ’s March/April issue, on newsstands on March 1st. Faraci was selected by the MBQ editorial staff. Candidates under consideration for the Platinum CEO of the Year designation are executives leading the largest companies in the Mid-South, those employing more than 1,000 people.

The finalists for the rest of our CEOs of the Year Awards came about in a completely different fashion, however. Beginning with MBQ’s November/December 2011 issue, we put out a call for nominations for CEO of the Year awards.

The response was impressive. Memphians know their business, and they aren’t shy to brag on each other. We received so many fantastic nominations, we felt sorry that we could only do this once a year.

An impartial panel of MBQ staff and local business leaders was formed, and the group winnowed the many nominees down into a more manageable list. It was not an easy task.

Along with Mr. Faraci, these 10 CEO of the Year winners represent a cross-section of our business community, the best and brightest in Memphis.

CEOs are prudent to keep their eye on the bottom line. For us, the bottom line is this: The work they and their companies do makes our whole community better.

Congratulations to all our CEO of the Year Awards winners. They have our respect and thanks.

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