Memphis Chemical Janitorial & Supply rebrands to 1Source Office and Facility Supply

Memphis Chemical Janitorial & Supply rebrands to 1Source Office and Facility Supply to better service customers in new markets

The Memphis-based company founded in 1968 by Edward Porter was purchased in 200 by Judge George H. Brown, Jr. in hopes of making it a family-run business venture. Since acquiring ownership, the business has had 2000 percent growth, gaining new clients within the Mid-South and expanding to new markets with the help of George’s children, Hank Brown and Laurita Jackson. With such substantial growth in such a short time, the name “Memphis Chemical” didn't quite seem to accurately represent the company.

As of today, Memphis Chemical is now 1Source, allowing customers to understand from the get go, that it truly is a one-stop shop.

“One of the driving factors for the name change was the new items offered,” says Hank Brown, Vice President of Operations. “With the new offerings, it made natural sense to cast a bigger net and play the game with the bigger companies.”

These new products expand 1Source's offerings from simply chemicals and janitorial supplies to including office products, office furniture, safety and industrial supplies including maintenance, repair and operations products, and environmentally friendly products for organizations.

“We've invested heavily in technology by updating our systems to the point where we have an e-commerce platform for customers who prefer to order online,” says Laurita Jackson, president. “It really is the wave of the future, and I think technology levels the playing field for companies like us.”

Another factor in the name change was evolving with the needs of the customers. Known for its outstanding customer care, 1Source has always looked for ways to make its customers more efficient within their respective organizations and offering new product lines helps consolidate transactions.

“The name change is reflective of the greater opportunity to provide a better service to our customers,” says Jackson. “They're looking for consolidated vendors, efficiency in their purchasing process, people to help manage inventory, manage costs, etc. This expansion helps us to meet all of those needs while still focusing on service and solutions.”

Service to customers is a top priority to the company even after the purchase of supplies. 1Source provides customers with complimentary on-site training to “ensure safe ways to use the equipment and chemicals,” says Brown. Additionally, they provide certified technicians to regularly service equipment for preventative maintenance and quick repairs in the event of a malfunction.

With the goal of expanding markets both within and outside of the Memphis community, Jackson says, “Even in the market of the state government in Nashville, sometimes the name 'Memphis' can be limiting, so it gives us more credibility if we don't have a name tied to a city or region. It helps for the home office to not have to explain a recommendation to someone outside of the area.”

“There's a real excitement,” says Jackson. “The team, the partners, and the customers are excited to move toward a name that really opens doors for opportunities in the future. One of the things we we'll make sure of is that we still focus on unparalleled customer care; that remains the same as the foundation of who we are. But we can provide unparalleled customer care in many other markets and with many other products.”

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