Meet Contemporary Media, Inc.: Frank Murtaugh

Get to know the faces behind our publications: Contemporary Media, Inc. is the parent publishing company of Memphis Flyer, MBQ: Inside Memphis Business, Memphis magazine and Memphis Parent

Meet Frank Murtaugh: Managing Editor, Memphis magazine

1. What does your position entail? I coordinate the magazine’s three primary departments - editorial, sales, and art - over the course of a production cycle to make sure our publications meet the quality standards established long ago by my predecessors. 

2. How did you get into this industry and what insight can you give someone interested in this industry? I’ve enjoyed writing since middle school. By the time I graduated from college, it remained the skill I most enjoyed cultivating. I’ve been cultivating it ever since. As for getting into the industry ... persistence. And know the readership you aim to reach. 

3. On an off day from work, you will find me ... spending time with my wife and two daughters. If the Redbirds are in town, check out AutoZone Park first. 

4. What is number one on your Memphis bucket list? Sleeping in the apartment (Lauderdale Courts) where Elvis lived. 

5. How long have you worked here? I’ve been here since May 1992 (just about half my life now); I guess you could say Contemporary Media grew on me (or vice versa). 

6. What sets Memphis magazine apart from other publications in the Mid-South of its kind? There is no publication of its kind elsewhere in the Mid-South. Comprehensive, colorful, intelligent, artistic, informative. Period. 

7. When did you know that you loved words and wanted to use them to tell people a story? As early as I can remember (at least middle school). The idea of crafting a tale (even nonfiction) out of nothing more than thoughts, observation, and research is powerful stuff. I consider writing the most engaging of creative endeavors. 

“Baseball can save the world. And when curiosity dies, well ...” 

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